The Superkids team consists of 50 children in the ages between 7 and 21,  and they take turns to be among the 20-30 kids, who go on tour. The kids are not chosen through auditions, but are hand picked among the 400 members of the gymnastic club, “Gymnastikgården”.

They are not allowed to train more than 7½ hours per week in the gym, however they must complete a program of strength and flexibility exercises at home.

The “Superkids concept” builds on teamwork, fellowship and joy of life. The coaches wish to give the children as many successful experiences as possible without the stress of competition. The most important thing in the Superkids concept is the joy of life, and it is the staffs most important duty to plan shows, train and travel so the children will keep the joy and enthusiasm. 

To be a Superkid is not just a hobby, it’s a life style and there are strict rules for the members of the ensemble. A no-smoking or drinking policy and a healthy lifestyle are some of the demands of the children.

All of the children come from the area around Aarhus – the second largest city in Denmark – where the kids attend ordinary Danish public schools. The unique Danish school system offers the possibility for the kids to travel often – also on school days. When Flying Superkids are on tour, a teacher comes along to help with their school work.

The kids consider themselves as one big family, where nobody gets special star treatment. The older team members take care of the younger ones, and the kids often use their Flying Superkids time to build friendships for life.