Gymnastics & Acrobatic show


Our Show is not about Winning, its about Performing

This is the philosophy our gymnastic show carries in itself over the period of many decades. Every member kid of our gymnastic club favours the opinion that they have to concentrate on performing, and showing their gymnastic skills which they’ve honed over a period of  many years. Each gymnastic skill they learn, positively encourages and develops their mind, body, and soul. The whole show is based on gymnastic as a basic element.

We do believe that the physical activity is a top predictor of the overall health of the body that’s why we provide these kids with the best learning environment, best education, and above all, the best gymnastic skills which is at the heart of our all activities. When the audience (mostly parents and grandparents) see the performance of these kids live on stage, their standing ovation shows that they truly appreciate the performance and motivation of these kids.

Acrobatic Show Performance is in Our Cultural Heritage

 In Denmark, acrobatic is a very common sport which makes it very natural for us to perform before an audience who already knows the ins and outs of gymnastic. At the same time, it becomes a bit hard to give them display of what they’ve never seen in their lifetime. This is where our kids come into play. Our gymnastic show is a true symbol of teamwork and our kids believe that teamwork is where every member of the show plays on your side.

This philosophy gives them a sense of style and a sense of direction throughout their lives. So, when anybody sees the show, they accept that these kids are the best acrobatic performers of our country especially considering their age group and their broad base gymnastic talent. As the kids were involved in learning the acrobatic formations for many years, they keep on performing their best at every stage thus stretching our cultural heritage to the limits where age doesn’t matter.


What Makes Our Gymnastic Show Unique

First off, the flying superkids performing in our acrobatic show are very clear about the philosophy that winning in one thing and performing is another. So, they are here to perform, not purely focusing on winning. Winning is a secondary thing which they will definitely attain if they perform to their fullest. Sticking to this unique policy made these kids the best gymnastics in the kingdom of Denmark and that’s how they’ve constantly been winning medals over the years.

Secondly, the whole show is not about acrobats only, because continuously watching only one thing in this two hours show would make it boring. That’s why the unique thing in our show is, gymnastics and acrobats are mostly add-ons in our show which really gives a great variety to the sitting audience. The audience watch excellent formation in gymnastics, then they see enthralling dances succeeding by the high energy jumps and then the really difficult acrobatics. The whole mix of different things makes our show unique and the audience enjoy every minute of the show, feeling fresh right from the start till the show ends.   

Flying Superkids Trailer